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What keeps me awake?

Not the rising temperatures. Not the impending AI apocalypse. Not inflation. 

What gets my attention is voices unheard; unseen. 

From 2016, my work has been evolving and is a continuous study of Social inequity and our relationship with the Earth.

I strongly feel that our relationship with ourselves and our fellow human beings reflects in how we relate to this planet and its species. 

Working on Social Inequity for me involves working on gender issues, disability and access and caste and socioeconomic factors. 

I have worked with the non-profit on Gender Equity in Technology and I currently run a community of Global DEI leaders. I write on LinkedIn and other forums on this topic sharing what I learn from my interactions and experiences. I also teach D&I academically. 

I run the non-profit Mandram which creates solutions in the space of language equity. 

The environment, this Earth and Nature hold a special place in me. I started Happifeet with the intention of introducing people to Nature. Hiking trails, I realised builds a sense of presence and confidence that is innate to us. 

I speak in various forums on these topics and continue to write. 

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